The deadline for filling has expired.

Rudolf Firkušný 100th Celebration 2012


  • The deadline for filling has expired.
By submitting the application form we classify you into the registration database. For registration completion it is required to remit an amount according to your selected participation type (active/passive) along with variable symbol to the bank account mentioned below. It is necessary to write your name into Identification for Beneficiary/ Purpose of Payment field, so we can identify your payment. We kindly ask you to make the payment soon after submitting the application form, or not later than on April 10th 2012.

After making the payment it is necessary to send an e-mail to with attached scanned confirmation of enrolment fee bank payment (photo in JPEG format or similar) or electronic transaction statement (in PDF format or similar). After this step the registration will be successfully completed.

Matěj Plíhal
Production Manager
tel.: +420 736 273 766

Bank account: Komerční banka Brno – město, nám. Svobody 21
Account number: 27-0493900217/0100, Variable symbol: 1960112051
Identification for Beneficiary/ Purpose of Payment: Your name

IBAN: CZ 7701 0000 0027 0493 9002 17

Enrolment fee:
Active participation - 500,- CZK
Passive participation - 250,- CZK

Enrolment fee is non-refundable.

Active participation capacity: 30 students
After reaching the capacity number the on-line application form will be disabled.
Passive participation is not limited.
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